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Petar Klepac

Petar Klepac

Petar Klepac a Croatian giant is a legendary hero with the all best attributes of a man from Gorski kotar: brave, resistible to all bad things, clever and intelligent, with big heart and sense of humour. He was born under the mountain of Sveta Gora to a very poor family. On Sveta Gora he received a miraculous strength to help weak and unhappy people. He defended against enemies. In describing his power people talk about a squared timber 4.5 m long, 85 cm diameter and 15-20 cm wide, which Petar Klepac brought from Sveta Gora in order to build his house in Mali Lug which was burnt in 1942. The legend says that he was a man of average height, broad shouldered with nice black eyes and brown hair. The legend also says that he was a fighter against the Turks and he raced them all the way to Istanbul using his intelligence and strength. Emperor Leopold gave him a title of noblemen for his heroism and since then he was known as the Nobleman Peter Klepac. He is still alive in many different stories from the Čabar region and all of them celebrating heroism, bereavement, honesty and strength connected with intelligence. Today Petar Klepac is a symbol of power to his people and the town of Čabar is known as the Homeland of Petar Klepac.

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