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Prezid history

Prezid history

Prezid is named by its position. It was established in front of the Roman Liburnian limes, which was built in the 1st century AD. Here was found the first evidence of human life in this area: remains of pottery from the Hallstatt - Iapodian culture. In a description of Vinodol county from 1260 there was mentioned "Brezidan" near to Babno Polje as a property of the dukes of Krk, which is today's Prezid. Prezid was one of the first settlements in Gorski kotar established by the Frankopan family, which was the manor of many towns and villages in Vinodol. The establishment and formation of the settlement can be dated in the period between 15th and 16th centuries during Frankopan's government and in 17th century during government of Zrinski Dukes. During government of Duke Petar Zrinski economy and industry were especially developed. The village society of Prezid is built as an open type of settlement which kept all of the characteristics of rural and urban forms and development from 15th to 17th century. Old wooden houses, built in the original Gorski kotar architecture can still be seen in Prezid.

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